Contributed Data

The Encyclopedia of Masashing List v2.6 (in Japanese)

A hypertext version of Encyclopedia of Sada Masashi (Japanese famous folk singer). This encyclopedia is maintained by members of massan mailing list.

itojun's London tour 93.03 (in Japanese)

A hypertext diary of itojun's London tour. Have fun!

itojun's USENIX COOTS'95 diary 95.06 (in Japanese)

itojun's OOPSLA'95 diary 95.10 (in Japanese)

itojun's Brussels diary 95.12 (in Japanese/English)

itojun's Italy diary 95.12 (in Japanese/English)

Asian Pop Artists' Discography

Here we have various Asian Pop artists' discography. This archive is maintained by members of world-pop mailing list.

ESD's free software gallery

Here we have ESD's free softwares! This archive is maintained by members of ESD.

ESD's tokyo restaurant surveylance(in Japanese)

ESD surveys restaurants around Tokyo every week for 6 years. Here's our brief footprint of surveylance. You can enjoy pictures, even if you do not understand Japanese.

HP100/200LX related internet resources

digital camera related internet resources

Hosokawa's Art Gallery

Here we have various beautiful photographs, and free softwares.

Asian Pops Information

Here we have the information about pop music of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. English page is here. This archive is maintained by Tatsumi Hosokawa.

Network administration information

We collect various network administration documents and answer to frequently asked questions.